What's Your Story?
Weekend Writing Intensive

Dale conducts the following workshop two times a year in the Santa Barbara and/or Los Angeles areas.


In an intensive 7-hour-a-day Saturday and Sunday workshop, Dale will work with a limited number of students (5-7) exploring such story issues as:
  • Is there a strong protagonist?
  • Has the writer established a premise (the spine of the story), or needs help determining one?
  • Does the story stick to the spine, or have extraneous material?
  • Does the work have an inciting incident?
  • Does desire and need, both conscious and unconscious drive the main character(s) forward?
  • Are there clear antagonistic forces pitted against the fulfillment of this need?
  • Does the action of the story rise both dramatically and incrementally?
  • Is there a climax / obligatory scene?
  • Is there a resolution?
  • Does the character transform through the struggles of the story?

Saturday and Sunday
9:30-12:30 AM morning session
12:30-1:30 Break for lunch
1:30-5:30 Afternoon session

$275 per person for 5 people (add $20 if you would like lunch included both days)
$225 per person for 6 people (add $20 if you would like lunch included both days)
$195 per person for 7 people (add $20 if you would like lunch included both days)

$50 Non-Refundable Deposit to hold spot in workshop due two weeks before



I was concerned coming to this workshop with my book that I've worked on in other classes over several years because it was lacking something I couldn't grasp. Like a puzzle I realized I had all the pieces. They needed to be organized and I needed to understand structure. I found that in this workshop. It made complete sense and is helping me re-organize as I rewrite. I also enjoyed the small group - pure quality time! A huge heartfelt thank you to Dale. She is a treasure! -Susan Ware

I was about to give up on my novel which I had worked on for longer than I care to admit to, considering I had rewritten it four times. Yes, it was going in the drawer or "round file" never to see the light of day again. Then I attended Dale Griffiths Stamos's intensive workshop and suddenly the entire structure or what that novel should be came to a fresh light. Dale gave me a new pair of eyes by which to view my work so much so that now I am compelled to rewrite it with a definite path in mind. Thank you, Dale.... You saved my manuscript from the trash heap. -Linda Rader Overman, lindaraderoverman.com