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Arena Players Repertory Theatre production


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In One White Crow, Journalist TESS O'NEILL is given the assignment to profile popular television medium JUDITH KNIGHT. Given that her recently deceased father, Pulitzer prize winning science writer, Robert O'Neill, was a rationalist of the first order, Tess takes on this assignment only at the insistence of her editor. On the first day of their meeting, Judith claims that it is not she who chose Tess for the job, but her dead father. This, of course, only adds fuel to the fire, and makes Tess determined to get to the truth of Judith's claims. Tess consults ALEX RIMBAUD, Robert O'Neill's former protégé and now celebrated professional skeptic, who is also Judith Knight's most outspoken critic. To complicate matters, back when Tess was still a college girl of 19 and Alex was 29, a furtive attraction had developed between them which had culminated in a stolen kiss. Now, 15 years later, with a personal axe of his own to grind, Alex is happy to help, hoping Tess will expose Judith as a fraud. But things don't go necessarily as planned. Tess becomes more and more entangled in Judith's "visitations," while at the same time becoming re-entangled in her feelings for Alex. And as their three lives intertwine, Tess must deal with both her grief and a shifting certainty of where belief ends and truth begins.
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 115 - 120 Minutes
Cast: (Male/Female): 1/2