On July 19 & 20, 2021, Dale presented an online workshop "Dramatic Conflict: The Engine That Moves Your Story Forward" through the San Miguel de Allende online Literary Sala.

In 2018, Dale began leading workshops at the San Miguel Writers Conference which takes place in February in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The San Miguel Writers Conference and Literary Festival is an internationally acclaimed conference which has featured such exceptional keynote speakers as Alice Walker,¬†Scott Turow, Gloria Steinem, Billy Collins, Wally Lamb, Rita Dove, Joyce Carol Oates, and Gail Sheehy. It has over 70 writing craft workshops, as well as numerous panels and seminars.

In 2018, Dale led two 90-minute workshops: "The Power of Premise" and "5 Key Questions Every Good Story Needs to Answer."

In 2019, Dale led, once again, the 90‑minute workshop: "The 5 Key Questions Every Good Story Needs to Answer." Additionally, she led a 3‑hour intensive: "The Ins and Outs of Three‑Act Structure: It's Not Just "Beginning, Middle and End."