In Dale Griffiths Stamos's manuscript consulting, she does very much what she does in her workshops on Story, but in a more intensive, project-specific way. She has worked on manuscripts ranging from plays to novels to memoirs and her goal is always the same: how to help you, the writer, find the heart and soul of your story. This can mean different things for different projects. It may be that you haven't really answered for yourself the simple question of who your main character is, or what that character wants. Or you know that character, but haven't devised an equal and potent enough antagonist force. It may be you haven't found that all-important premise — the driving through-line of your story on which all the action hangs.

It may be an issue of where the story begins, or how your scenes are ordered. Do you answer the questions, Why now? Why here? Does your action rise progressively till the tension becomes almost unbearable, and drives inevitably to a climax? You may have almost all the pieces in place, but a little judicious editing can make all the difference. Whatever your story issues, big or small, it is Dale's job to find them. Her services include a basic line edit of your manuscript, a written evaluation, and a two hour in-person consult.

Story is as old as time. It was first elucidated by Aristotle, but is likely part of our DNA as we sat around the campfire and the little girl said to her grandfather: "And then what happened?" Let Dale Griffiths Stamos help you tell your story the best way possible.

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