Beverly Hills Playhouse Production


Advance Press

  Love Struck is an evening of one act plays about love: lost love, found love, redemptive love, dangerous love, and just plain silly love!

The Plays

Amanda Split - Fireworks happen when Amanda gets split into mind and body and they play tug-of-war over a sexy guy!

Identity  - A son's world is shaken when his mother, suffering from Alzheimer's, mistakes him for someone he's never heard of and then the shocking truth is revealed.

Confessions Part I: Tracy's Sin - Tracy tries to understand her feelings about a boy, parallel universe theory, French kisses and why she feels so guilty

The Session - A couple visits the world’s worst marriage counselor who puts them through a variety of unconventional  "therapeutic" exercises!

Confessions Part II:Jeremy's Fear - Jeremy confronts the pastor at his old church about his feelings of condemnation and fear of hell.

The One - A man returns to tell his high school sweetheart that she was the love of his life, but she remembers things quite differently.  

Dirty Little Secret - Nick thinks he can breeze through these domestic abuse therapy sessions with Anna, the court appointed shrink, but she knows him better than he thinks.

Matchmade - A widow who runs a matchmaking agency for people over 70 discovers a new client is an old fling from her past.