“I want to express my deep appreciation for Dale’s efforts advising me on my book Downhills Don't Come Free.  My book is about one man's bike ride from Alaska to Mexico.  

I'm a new author and don't even really fashion myself as an author. But it was a 'big deal' for me to write every single word and to not use a ghost writer in any form.  I wanted the book to live or die on my own words.  So here's where I'm so appreciative - beyond confirming the "structure" of the book, Dale’s advice and encouragement on how to think more deeply about how to use words in ways that conjure colorful images and draw out emotions -- which, in kind, draws a reader into the story, was invaluable! She gave true meaning to me to "using the page as your palette." That's a lesson I never learned in any of the extensive college training or professional work I've done.  And beyond the book, that is what I treasure the most. My gratitude to Dale for her contribution to that invaluable education!  

As a result of it all,
 Downhills Don't Come Free has been selected among hundreds of international book submissions as a finalist in the prestigious Book Excellence Awards in the Adventure category. (bookexcellenceawards.com) The award notification stated, "There were hundreds of entries from around the world and your book was selected for its high quality writing, design and market appeal.” 
–Jerry Holl, downhillsdontcomefree.com

“With the first draft of my suspense finished, I knew it could be better, but had no idea where to turn for help. I looked online, but didn't feel safe choosing someone whose work I didn't know. Lucky for me I read a memoir edited by Dale and immediately felt the calling. What Dale offers over others is an amazing understanding of Story, in all its glory, and gory details. Dale was not only gracious and supportive, but also thorough and helpful in exactly the way I needed her to be. Her grasp of story structure, character development and conflict led me to telescope and tighten my plot, adding oodles of suspense and excitement. She went over my chapters page by page, pointing out where I needed to turn up the heat and where I needed to alter the pace or progression. After applying Dale's suggestions in my revision I can see how much stronger and more compelling my manuscript has become. I can recommend Dale without any reservations.” 
–Jamie Winn, author of the thriller, Out of the Shadow (Kindle version now available at amazon.com/out-of-the-shadow)

“After attending Dale's workshop at the Santa Barbara Writers' Conference, I sensed she had a unique talent. She helped writers understand the importance of story structure and how to get to the "heart" of their story. When my time came to work with an editor, I remembered her enthusiasm and knew I could trust her with my memoir. I was struggling with too many ideas and unsure of the "through line" of my story. Basically, my memoir lacked structure and as a result, was too long and unfocused. After working with Dale, everything became clear to me. She showed me the path to follow, and from that point on, my revisions were a breeze. I kept saying, "This makes so much sense. Now I know what to keep and what to cut from my manuscript." Dale does not enforce her way upon the writer, which I really appreciate. She offers options and leaves it up to you to decide. I am so happy to have met her at a conference and to work with her on my memoir. I truly recommend her to any writer wishing to become a published author.”
–Sonia Marsh, author of Freeways to Flip-Flops: A Family's Year of Gutsy Living on a Tropical Island (Now available at: amazon.com/Freeways-Flip-Flops)

“I was amazed at the extent to which she gave of herself to help me reach my goal. Dale sat with me for hours going over every nuance of my book and seemed to know it better than I did. Her brilliant suggestions covered everything but focused on my weakness, the structure of my book. By the time she was finished, I had specific help on how to improve the arc, how to build more tension, how to order the book, and how to raise the level of climactic scenes. I'm grateful for her help and can't say enough about her knowledge of the craft and her kind and willing way of helping. She left me with a detailed written evaluation as well as a recording of our meeting. I could not have asked for more.”
–Barbara Benom, Author of The Legacy of the Teapot

“I have worked with Dale Griffiths Stamos as a writer in need of story consulting and an editor working alongside her on a mutual project. With both experiences in mind, I can state unequivocally that she is brilliant in her grasp of the demands of story structure. And she also has an uncanny way of pinpointing a problem and offering a creative yet practical solution to that problem.

Currently, I've been working on my first thriller that's not only a tad outside the box, it's waaay outside the box. When everything came to a screeching halt, I gave the manuscript to Dale. Not only did she offer an amazing critique throughout the book, she also came up with some game-changing ideas that lifted me out of the doldrums and lifted my story from life support to viable novel. If this book ever gets published, I will have Dale Griffiths Stamos to thank for it.

So, if you're looking for a story consultant, go to Dale. If you're looking for help with your writing, go to Dale. Her skills are amazing, her perceptions are wise and her manner is inviting—everything a writer needs to succeed.”

–Nancy Lamb, author of The Art and Craft of Storytelling, and One April Morning

“Plot, scene, character arc, premise, story structure. These writing elements reflect just a smidgen of Dale's expertise. She even knows the meaning of verisimilitude!

Dale read the first draft of my memoir and gave me specific advice about how to improve my book. Critiquing is like good writing. It needs to be detailed and specific. It needs to go deep.

She reviewed my manuscript with me page by page and proposed ideas for an inciting incident, suggested book premise concepts, and encouraged me to create more scenes. Where I could only see forest, Dale could see trees.

I met with Dale a year ago and I still listen to the cassette tapes we made during our consultation. By incorporating much of Dale's advice, the second draft of my manuscript has improved enormously. There is more tension, more dialogue, more story. It is fortunate that I met with Dale early in my book writing journey. Because of her coaching I am a better writer.”

–Shelley Miller

“I am a professional director who has worked mostly in television and theatre. I am also a writer who has been writing for years. My work covers a wide range of genres from screenplays, short stories, nonfiction, poetry and song lyrics.

Dale has helped me with my short stories, nonfiction pieces, and a novella. Her insights and suggestions are not only right on target, but inspiring as well. She can clearly see where the fat is and needs to be trimmed as well as areas where I should expand or delve a bit further.

Dale's participation in my process has been a great experience for me because it has caused me to tighten up my writing and keeps me wanting to write more.”

–Roy Eisenstein

“It is hard to capture in words why I value Dale Griffiths Stamos's comments above all other critiques when evaluating my writing and the writing of others.  At the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, it was always her feedback that I looked forward to hearing, whether it was complimentary or of a critical nature. When I hired her to critique my own memoir, she took me gently in hand, describing what was good about my writing  and what needed more editing or rewriting.  Most importantly, she made me understand the arc of my story. When she advised me to start my book at the end of my story, I didn't  fully understand.  But after I did the rewrite I could see how by beginning the book with the heartbreaking decision I had to make as a mother and then tracing the steps I took to arrive at that decision, it created a motivation for the reader to follow the path of my life  leading  me to the inevitable but difficult conclusion. I am grateful for Dale's help with my memoir, and plan to continue to use her services.”
–Louise Gerber